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Ian Preston

Ian Preston

Research Fellow


PhD Economics, Nuffield College, Oxford, 1989
PhM Economics, Nuffield College, Oxford, 1987
BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Brasenose College, Oxford, 1985

Ian is a Research Fellow of the IFS and a Professor of Economics at UCL. He joined UCL in 1991 and has been attached to the IFS since 1990. His research at the IFS includes work on household welfare measurement and distributional analysis, consumption and demand behaviour, attitudes to public spending, political economy and the economics of immigration.

Academic outputs

Journal article | Fiscal Studies
Sir James Mirrlees, co‐recipient of the 1996 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, passed away in August 2018. This article outlines how his work has transformed economists’ understanding of their discipline – from the principles of tax design to the theory of contracts and beyond.
Journal article | Fiscal Studies, Volume 38, Issue 1

Reports and comment

External publication
This paper sets out some issues which must be tackled in modelling the impact of changes to public service spending and discusses some approaches that are being undertaken in other countries.
External publication
The impact of immigration on the public finances is an important influence on public opinion. This paper aims to provide a thorough conceptual survey, pointing out the complexities of a full understanding and the relevance of indirect effects and covering both static perspectives and longer run ...