Budget 2017 Analysis

IFS analysis relating to the spring Budget 2017. Slides from our Budget briefing can be downloaded below.

Watch our series of explainers about aspects of taxes, spending and the public finances. See the full list on Youtube.

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An article by Carl Emmerson in the Times reminds us that, whatever the contents of this afternoon’s Budget speech, a lot of changes announced by Phillip Hammond’s predecessor at the Treasury are still due to take effect next month.

Paul Johnson, also in the Times, looks at how Chancellors can and have used numbers to present their Budgets in the best, and not always most straightforward, way. 


View slides presented to BBC journalists by Carl Emmerson and Paul Johnson in the run-up to the Budget.

Read our most recent analysis of the government's public finance numbers.

In an IFS Observation, Carl Emmerson outlines the trade-off between increases in the state pension age and abandoning the triple lock.

IFS Green Budget 2017

The IFS Green Budget 2017, in association with ICAEW and funded by the Nuffield Foundation, looked at the issues and challenges facing Chancellor Philip Hammond as he prepares for his Budget in March. Additional analysis was provided by ICAEW and Oxford Economics.

See all the Green Budget presentations on our Youtube Green Budget 2017 playlist.

Online resource on public spending in the UK

Visit our online resource offering an introduction to public spending in the UK. You can look at trends in total public spending over time, find out what the money is spent on, compare UK public spending with other countries, and see how spending on health, education, defence and other areas has changed.

IFS materials on previous Budgets

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